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Often we encounter things in our daily lives that we feel we just have to share with our friends, and often we could really use a friend’s knowledge of a product, service, or place we are considering. It could be a “Wow! You have to get one of these…” or a “It was a terrible experience, don’t do it!”

Your friends don’t need a long formal review, in fact most people only want a couple of sentences. Think of it as a Twitter or Instagram message, but focused on you and your friends’ personal subjective reviews only, after all, your friends’ reviews will be more relevant to your likes and more interesting to read than the views of some random person on the internet.

A few years ago I built the minimum viable product and launched it for my friends. It was very popular among my friends and some of them used it regularly. But at that time, I wasn’t ready to start doing it for real, I had no income, so I had to focus on earning some money quickly. These days I pay my bills by doing freelance web development which means I have some income and more experience, so I decided to relaunch this project. I decided to keep the old weird name - NnN, and registered a domain for it - http:\\enenen.club. All I need now is an investor, which may take some time, but the dream is alive, and my journey starts here.

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    Allow me to send you to a link that I'm going to share with the entire group but I'm giving you first crack at it.
    It's https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/home.html and they have grant ops for just about anything under the sun. This would be a great place to start instead of using an internet funding group; you will probably get more from the gov. grant anyway!
    Another resource is from www.federalgrants.com where they have all manner of low interest loans, grants, and they have a "Small Business Grant" that I bet you'd be eligible for.

    I suggest you check them out and non-profit groups with interests or related to your career field. They have been known to fund projects in certain area of interest to their organizations. But it will take a LOT of research and digging, writing, and reading to get it accomplished.

    As a matter of fact, I have been known to write a grant or two for an environmental NGO I worked for; one grant was around $25k, the other closer to $50k. Should you need my assistance, give me a shout. I'll always make my best effort to make pricing fair for the IH group.
    Good luck and let me know if I can be of assistance!!


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      Debbe, thanks for the links. Do you know by a chance if non-US citizens are eligible for these grants? I guess they are not, but I couldn't find such info quickly.

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