November 7, 2019

100th Tool Added to the List!

Drew Thomas @truedrew

Today I added the 100th no-code tool to the No-Code List. Each tool was vetted by me and released in slightly curated, weekly groups.

I started with 3 new tools per week, but because the backlog is growing pretty quickly, I'm doing 4 per week now.

This week was BuilderX (no-code front-ends that generate React code), Mobirise (an offline app to create websites), Sheetsu (turn a Google Sheet into an API), and Parabola (the new integration and automation platform that everyone is loving!).

Here are some additional stats and where things stand now...

2 months since (re)launch (Sept 11, 2019)
2.3K views over the last 30 days
$0 revenue

100 softwares on the list
54 softwares in the queue
11 user-submitted projects and their no-code stacks
15 software endorsements
2 original articles

And lastly, some site updates I made this week...

Search - search by software name or tags
Category cleanup - categorization should evolve as the list grows, and it was time for a cleanup
Mobile filters - finally stopped listing out all the features on small screens (slide out filter menu instead)
New description line - "Tools to build, grow, and run your business without code"

Until next update! 👋

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