November 2, 2019

Content: Collections of No-Code Software

Drew Thomas @truedrew

I finally started cranking out some content... I wanted to be organized, purposeful, and focused. I wanted to use the data I'm compiling on all of these softwares to inform my content (so it's unique and insightful).

I ultimately decided to start with Collections. These articles are basically lists of different software, with interesting data points, grouped around topics that are applicable to real-world use cases and real businesses.

The first two are here:

One is about building apps and websites with only a spreadsheet, and the other is (ironically) about no-code for code! Hope they're helpful!

I've got two more started and a couple more topics, so expect a few more next week, followed by the next overarching content theme (beyond lists/collections).

If there are any topics that you're curious about, let me know in the comments, and I'll write about them!

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