October 2, 2019

New Feature: Comments from Experts

Drew Thomas @truedrew

Yesterday was a big day for the No Code List... I've been searching for what unique value the No Code List can add (and for who) and what problems the No Code List should address.

I decided the next step is comments from experts on specific no-code software. Each comment has to be marked as "I've used this for a project" or "I've tried this" for credibility. They'll all be focused on helping site visitors vet no-code software and find the right tool (or consultant) for their job.

Eventually, I hope to have a slew of helpful comments for each software, and I hope the list can help promote people who build with no-code tools. If this initial step is received well, I have lots of plans for how it can evolve.

Software with comments is marked in the main feed (yellow bar at the bottom of the card). Click through to see some comments! I'd love to know what people think!


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