October 10, 2019

New Section: Share Your No-Code Stack

Drew Thomas @truedrew

Last week I launched Comments. This week, it's Stacks: add your product and share which no-code tools you use to build, run, or market it.

By sharing your stacks, you get exposure and a link to your project, but you're also helping all of the indie hackers who come to the site to figure out what no-code software they should use and how far they can take it. There's no better way to vet software than to see real-world examples of things that were built (or run or marketed) using it.

If you have a product or project built with no-code, please submit it, and thank you in advance for helping other makers! nocodelist.co/stacks

In addition, I've made some tweaks to the comments section from last week. It's now called Endorsements (only positive comments 😁), and I played it down a bit while I figure out the stacks stuff. I hope it picks back up one day, but the feedback I got was generally mediocre. I'm hoping stacks is more enthusiastically received!

Lastly, here are some stats for the new version of the No Code List site, which has been up for just under a month...

Tweets about the list: ~16
Indie Hacker posts: 4
Indie Hacker milestones: 4

Website traffic: 1.7k page views
Revenue: $0

New sections or features: 4 (Niche list, Enterprise list, Endorsements, and Stacks)