January 17, 2020

No Code Resources List

Drew Thomas @truedrew

Early this week, in addition to the No Code Software list, I put a No Code Resources list live. nocodelist.co/resources

I started with 9 resources and tweeted about each one to launch the feature. Now there are now 17 on the list.

The idea came about because some of the software submissions I was getting were for educational stuff, plugins, etc. They're not exactly software, but they're valuable for my visitors. Made sense to separate them out, give them unique categories, and add some resource-specific data points to each one.

General No Code List progress since last milestone:

  • In addition to Resources, I also announced an upcoming No Code Agencies list and got a great response
  • Redesigned several different parts of the site, including the menu, individual software pages, and software card design
  • More consistent and detailed tweet updates with new software each week... great for getting attention


  • 3.1K pageviews in the last 30 days
  • 115 email list subscribers
  • 134 No Code Softwares
  • 73 Softwares in the queue
  • 17 No Code Resources
  • 24 Software endorsements
  • 31 No Code List Members
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