September 22, 2020

$6000 of revenue, 4 months in

Seth Kramer @sethk

Am excited about the progress so far!

  • Created 20 no code courses with 100+ video lessons
  • Published 17 interviews with founders of profitable no code businesses
  • Grew the nocodemba twitter to 944 followers
  • Grew my personal twitter to 331 followers and got comfortable tweeting on a daily basis
  • Wrote my first blog post highlighting 11 profitable no code business ideas:
  • Sold $6000 in memberships
  • Almost 100 paid members
  • 500 email subscribers

My future plans are to add more tutorials (free and paid), more resources around launching and growing a business, add a more intensive bootcamp, add ways for students to earn money by building for others, add certification, and a lot more :) I'll also be focused on how to grow my audience and how to use other marketing channels like paid ads and partnerships to grow.

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  1. 2

    Congrats Seth! Awesome progress and happy to see how well it’s going!

  2. 1

    Congrats Seth, this is amazing. How do you see NoCodeMBA competing with the likes of Makerpad?

  3. 1

    Amazing execution especially on a membership model.

    Sounds like you got really confident with content creation

  4. 1

    Great achievement, Seth!

    Will there be a blogpost detailing the various strategies you took to get from zedo to $6k in four months?

    Love to feature it on !

    1. 1

      Not yet, but I should write one!

  5. 1

    Cool. I am also trying to build a free course for my audience. Would love to know how did you plan your videos, scripts and tools you used to make the videos professional and smooth.

    1. 1

      I used Loom to record and iMovie to edit. I have 2019 MacBook Pro which has a pretty good camera, so I didn’t feel like I needed a separate camera to start. I didn’t use any scripts but I did re record my first videos and the second time was always an improvement!

      1. 1

        Cool. That was pretty basic. By script i meant did you write down what you are going to speak and show in your videos?

        1. 1

          Nope, didn't write anything down! Just talked through as I went.

  6. 1

    That's fantastic Seth! Big fan of many of the tools you've covered in your courses!
    How did you reach out to customers?

    How is your inbound organic flow? Any key pointers?

    Any key points on getting users interested and pay for the content?

    1. 1

      Thanks! I started by posting some free Glide courses in the Glide community and posting in various no code communities online.

      The interviews section of my site: has also helped drive traffic as well as this blog post:

      I'd recommend having an email capture on your site (both exit intent pop up as well as in areas where users might be interested in staying updated, which for me is on the interview/blog page as well as on course pages where people are taking the free courses).

      I've also worked on posting regularly on twitter to gain followers and an audience there.

      Hope that's helpful!

  7. 1

    Sounds awesome, what means "4 months in"? Did you start 4 months ago from zero or did you already have video materials and other things done?

    1. 1

      Thanks! I started 4 months ago from zero

  8. 1

    Super happy to be part of this community! Well done, Seth!

  9. 1

    Amazing achievement.. Cheers!

  10. 1

    Yessss, this is amazing!! Onwards and upwards!!!

  11. 1

    Congratulations Seth !
    I am sure you're on your way to a great and long growth !

  12. 1


    Gongrats, Seth!
    Could you talk a bit about lessons learned? I'm particularly curious how did you go about producing your first course vs your 20th course. Thanks 🔮

    1. 4

      Thanks! In terms of producing courses, the biggest learning over time was getting comfortable talking in front of the camera, and how to record, edit, and upload as efficiently as possible. For me, generally I will build the product through once, and the build it a second time recording myself and talking through it live. Then I’ll watch it through in iMovie at 2x speed and edit out any mistakes, and then split and download into lessons.

      1. 1

        This is great, thanks!

      2. 1

        This is gold thanks. Did you make free stuff and build a following before the first course? What's your ratio of free stuff to paid products?

        1. 2

          Nope, I had no following before I released the first free course. Right now I have 6 free courses and 14 premium, but the free courses are much shorter / simpler than the premium courses.

  13. 1

    That's amazing results. Great motivation....
    How many days required you to get your 1st sell?

    1. 3

      Thanks! For about a month I offered a few courses for free and collected emails before I started charging. Once I added premium courses and emailed my list, I got the first sale, so I think the key was to offer value for free at first to build my email list.

  14. 1


    I was one of the lucky ones who got interviewed :) Happy to see things are rolling for you, will definitely check out some of your courses.

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