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I believe no code is going to create a whole new group of startups and founders. I'm building No Code MBA to help teach people how to use no code tools through project-based learning.

November 16, 2020 $12,000 in revenue, 6 months in

Excited about the progress on No Code MBA so far! Here's what's new since the last update two months ago:

  • More than doubled membership (200+ paying members)
  • Doubled the email list to over 1000 subscribers
  • More than doubled revenue
  • Launched on Product Hunt (500+ upvotes)
  • Grew the No Code MBA twitter to 1225 followers (30% growth)
  • Updated website copy and customized checkout page
  • Added 3 learning tracks to help guide students as they learn.

The biggest boost recently came from Product Hunt which sent over 2000 unique visitors to the site and finished at the #4 product of the day.

Here's a post I wrote about what I did to help launch on the front page:

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September 22, 2020 $6000 of revenue, 4 months in

Am excited about the progress so far!

  • Created 20 no code courses with 100+ video lessons
  • Published 17 interviews with founders of profitable no code businesses
  • Grew the nocodemba twitter to 944 followers
  • Grew my personal twitter to 331 followers and got comfortable tweeting on a daily basis
  • Wrote my first blog post highlighting 11 profitable no code business ideas:
  • Sold $6000 in memberships
  • Almost 100 paid members
  • 500 email subscribers

My future plans are to add more tutorials (free and paid), more resources around launching and growing a business, add a more intensive bootcamp, add ways for students to earn money by building for others, add certification, and a lot more :) I'll also be focused on how to grow my audience and how to use other marketing channels like paid ads and partnerships to grow.

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July 1, 2020 $2000 in revenue in month 1!

Just finished my first month selling memberships to and finished with 41 members and $2000+ in revenue. For the first month I sold lifetime memberships for $49, and saw a big spike in sales at the end of the month before the price increased to $99.

For month 2 my goal is to add as much useful content as I can to keep adding value to members.

June 24, 2020 $1000+ revenue in 20 days!

Super excited to share that I have 21 No Code MBA members who each paid $49 for lifetime access.

The $49 lifetime deal expires on July 1, so I'm expecting an increase in sales right before the price increases.

Excited to keep adding more no code content and make No Code MBA a go-to resource for anyone learning how to create online.

June 15, 2020 $833 in revenue and 200 email subscribers 🎉

Over the past couple of weeks, I've grown my membership to 17 paying customers! I've been posting about No Code MBA in a variety of places online including Twitter and Facebook groups, so I'm not 100% sure where the most recent purchases are coming in from, although posting in Facebook groups has gotten a lot of positive responses.

Really excited about the potential of No Code for aspiring entrepreneurs and help people join the internet economy without knowing how to code.

I'm currently running a $49 lifetime deal. On July 1 the price is going to increase, so I'm planning to promote this deal more heavily going into the end of the month.

June 6, 2020 Launched with $441 in revenue!

On Tuesday I launched No Code MBA's paid membership with a $49 lifetime deal. I launched to my email list of 160 people, and so far 9 purchased!

In order to launch, I built out a full membership site using Webflow and Memberstack, and add more tutorials to the site (I'm now up to 15 tutorials).

I launched my first free tutorial at the end of April, so it's taken about 6 weeks to get to the point where I was ready to charge for access to content.

I'm planning to leave the $49 lifetime offer up for another few days, then close off membership and built up a waitlist before opening up membership again at a higher price.

Really excited about the early traction and to continue the growth from here.

May 14, 2020 100 email subscribers + 7 interviews

Hit 100 email subscribers! Excited to grow the No Code MBA email list and keep creating content to help people learn how to build online.

I've also been working on interviews with profitable no-code companies to validate that you can make money with no-code tools.

The first 7 interviews are published here:

May 2, 2020 50 email subscribers + launched 5 new courses

I launched 5 new courses which are all included as a part of a no code fundamentals bootcamp. The goal is for this to be perfect for someone just starting in no code or wants to learn the basics of one of the core no code tools. The bootcamp is at:

I also reached over 50 email subscribers which has been very cool to see.

April 26, 2020 25 email subscribers + launched 2nd tutorial

I finished my 2nd tutorial for a paid membership recipe app which allows creators to learn how to monetize their glide app. Learning how to record online courses has been a fun experience in itself. The new tutorial is at:

Also reached 25 email subscribers! I haven't done much marketing of my site so far, so it's exciting to have 25 subscribers in less than a week.

April 21, 2020 Launched No Code MBA

I launched the first tutorial on No Code MBA - how to build an app like Zillow using Glide. I'm launching the first tutorial for free and aiming to get feedback from users on how I can improve the tutorial and what future tutorials to build. Next step is to record another course.

I believe no code is going to create a whole new group of startups and founders. I'm building No Code MBA to help teach people how to use no code tools through project-based learning.