December 6, 2019

Launched the first video guide for #nocode!

Joe Bloom @joebloom

After a lot of pondering about what lead capture/free guide I wanted to make for people. I sat myself down and finished off a nocode presentation I've been working on, then recorded a 41-minute long video presentation talking through some of the foundations, concepts and specific tools that people can use to get started with their #nocode and no-money journey into building stuff.

So now I'm glad to have a lead capture, free guide delivery and email sequence (beginning) underway.

My hope is that through providing this free guide and collecting subscribers, I can start to build up a picture of what kinds of courses people want to see and what I can help them with.

When people sign up for the free video guide, which they get instant access to, the landing page also includes a chat box for them to speak with me. I'll further this outreach over email as I really want to ensure that I'm having 1-to-1 conversations with aspiring nomads and builders so I can make the best content possible.

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