December 4, 2019

1,000 blog email subscribers!

Pete Codes @petecodes

I'm pleased to have got the blog newsletter into 4 figures!

Last weekend I took time off to do a performance review. It turns out my mailing list grew by 17% in November! I think I've found myself comparing my list to others when for most people, a 17% increase in a month is really good!

This has been a bit of a slog to be honest. My jobs board newsletter got 1,000 in a week! My main take is that people need jobs a lot more than they need to read a blog post, haha!

My email form still needs a lick of paint. I only had the Ghost subscribe button when I launched and it is hard to spot. I got top of Hacker News when I first launched and I could have got a lot more subscribers if I had a good CTA in the header like with the jobs board. But, obviously I've learned from this.

I've had some companies say they could only sponsor me once I have 1,000 subscribers so I have to do some calls now. 🤑

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