December 10, 2019

1,500 subscribers to my job board

Pete Codes @petecodes

So about a week ago I hit 1,500 newsletter subscribers for my job board for developers without degrees.

This was optimised really well from the beginning - I was on the top page of Hacker News Newest for two days straight, there is an attractive 'Get Hired' call to action on the form and it is the first thing you see on the website. There is also an exit pop-up. I have a link on my blog to the job board and vice versa so there is a virtuous circle of traffic happening here.

The job board newsletter has grown faster than the blog mostly because I suppose people need a job more than they need to read articles. 😀

I've had very few people unsubscribe so far (0.5%) and the open rate on average is 46.5% which is a hell of a lot higher than most recruitment emails.

I'm actually going to be folding the brand into No CS Degree as it doesn't make sense to have a separate identity for the same audience.

I've started to see companies that advertise on the board get applicants from my site so that feels really awesome.

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