November 21, 2019

#1 on Google for "no Computer Science degree"

Pete Codes @petecodes

I saw last month that I was no 1 on Google for "no cs degree" but I wanted to get 1st result for "no computer science degree" as I figure that's what more people search for. I had a look today and now I have that as well!!

I recently did a free SEO scan/report and that showed a couple of minor issues I fixed like a broken link on one page and a couple of the pages like /about and /open not having enough content. So those little tweaks probably helped a bit. I was also missing some alt text on some screenshots which I fixed.

Apart from that I think it's really just a result of putting out a lot of content! I've done 35 or so interviews by now and each one contains the phrase "no cs degree" and increasingly I've added the phrase "no computer science degree". I often have these terms in the meta title which I assume helps as well.

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