January 17, 2020

3,000 Twitter followers with no ad spend/ contests

Pete Codes @petecodes

One of the best part about the business has been the reaction from Twitter. I keep telling developers and founders to make a Twitter account as a tonne of coders hang out there. I'd say I do well on Twitter because I regularly provide value and I have a very specific niche. There are loads of people learning to code on Twitter!

I'm up to 3,000 now which is nice since this is 6 months since I started my account. So 500 followers a month on average. I do share lots of success stories as well as requests for help so that has helped me become a thought leader. I will quite often get tagged now when people are looking for advice. It's good to be helping people and not always just self-promoting.

I polled my followers yesterday about Bootcamp Index which I am making to show people the best places to learn to code. They were able to tell me to include what languages are taught in the bootcamp profiles and actually I don't think the other comparison sites do this. So you can get a lot of value from followers.

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    That's awesome. Sounds like you've hit a hungry market.

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      thanks! yeah, totally.

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    Congrats Pete! Do you ever dip your toes in no-code stuff at all? I think that might be a slightly adjacent market, but I'm always curious to hear what developers think of no-code.