August 21, 2019

4 weeks of No CS Degree

Pete Codes @petecodes

So that's my first four weeks of No CS Degree - inspiring interviews with self-taught developers.

🤑 $250 in revenue -
✉️ 641 subscribers -
📈 61,000 page views - https://www.nocsdegree.comopen
📝 11 interviews with self-taught devs -
👀 916 Twitter followers -
☕️ 26 coffees bought -

Hopefully I can get some more sponsors in the following month. I've approached some of the big bootcamps about this but I'm open to adverts from indie makers as well.

I've improved the copy of the newsletter CTA at the bottom of posts and I have to edit the one in the header as well to improve conversions.

Some highlights - lots of great comments from people/ lots of developers have emailed asking to be interviewed/ was top of Hacker News when I launched 😎

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    Congrats Pete! Those are really solid numbers. Keep up the great work!

    1. 1

      Thanks a lot! Lots more planned :)

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    Awesome! Very impressive progress in 4 weeks.

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    Nice. I'm a self taught coder, built and sold a company as CTO. I think in most things, the desire to learn is the important part. Not the past.

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    This is great to hear because CS degrees are becoming less and less relevant for the kind of programming that most developers do.

    I have a similar goal of showing people that you don't need a degree to be a developer, but I'm doing it by teaching people JavaScript.

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    Congrats on that growth! I'd love to read how you got all the subscribers. It sounds like it was mostly from HN?

    Also heads up - your '61,000 page views - https://www.nocsdegree.comopen 📝 11' link is broken :-)

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      thanks, yeah I can't seem to edit a milestone post? Mods?

      I got a lot of traffic from HN but prob got more subscribers from Twitter. Plus, I ask everyone who wants to be interviewed to subscribe and I get a lot of emails...

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    Congrats, That's really great!

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    Just got another $5 coffee