December 27, 2019

Got a newsletter sponsor to renew our deal

Pete Codes @petecodes

My sponsor for my No CS Degree newsletter was just about to run out. My subscribers had grown 30% since we made the deal in October so I pitched him a deal to reflect that. As Courtland often says, one of the easiest ways to make more money is to charge more.

For the last few months I've had my newsletter sponsored by Swizec Teller . His support in October meant I went over $1,000 monthly revenue for the first time. Now he's helped me get over $2,000 monthly revenue!

I was very pleased he opted to sponsor again so he'll be supporting me though to the end of March now. It's a big vote of confidence and I'm glad it wasn't a one off thing. It's also great for him as it will mean he will have at least 6 months in front of my audience which is a long time to promote his book on serverless design.

Incidentally, I do need a new sponsor for my (jobs board)[]. It's not as well known as the blog but is performing better with 1,600 developers getting the newsletter each week and the open rate is a nice 46%. So hopefully I can find another sponsor for my jobs board mailing list as well.

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    Congrats! What was the click through rate to the sponsorship in your first month of advertisement?

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      Are you interested in buying ads? :)

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        I’m interested in seeing how my sponsorship program measures up to the industry 😄