December 27, 2019

Got over $2,000 in a month (confirmed this time!)

Pete Codes @petecodes

I had a bit of a false dawn in October. I thought I'd got over $2k. What happened was I got to $1697 and another company promised me enough to get over the $2k mark. Then in November they contacted me to say that they would proceed with our deal a bit later. You have to be flexible and I've been paid by them now, it was just a few days later in November. So it turned out to be $1697 in October and not quite $2k after all.

This month, however, I'm over the $2k barrier for sure! Most of this has come from a long term sponsorship deal which I renewed for another three months. I've also made over $300 from affiliate deals which has been awesome. I was always really sceptical about these as you are taking a risk vs getting paid up front. But I'm now a convert! It's awesome as well as it's all work I've already done. So getting paid months after I publish an article just because it has an affiliate link for a product is really sweet. I got $26 yesterday from basically not doing any new work.

I'm hoping to get well over the $2k mark in January. We'll have to wait and see though!

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    Congrats man. Btw, Love your logo 😂

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      It needs some work, ha

      1. 2

        It looks a lot better on your site than on IH. It seems like the super low-hanging fruit fix would be to give it a background color instead of having it transparent!

        1. 2

          Done :)

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    Congratulations 🎉🙌 Wish you all the best for the future!

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    Bravo Pete. Congrats !

    I am monetizng my website also with newsletter sponsors. I have one in january and been talking with a new one. It looks kind of promising.

    I also have some affiliate links, but I am not sure they are trustable, all I see is click, no benefits at all...

    Any recommendation?

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      Hey, depends on what your market is and what you are targeting. I don't know so can't answer :)

      1. 1

        Oh. True, digital designer's and web developers.

        You can see it here. Https://

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    Congratulations pete! 👍

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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      It's people I interview. They have courses.

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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      Thank you!

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