October 9, 2019

September revenue : $135

Pete Codes @petecodes

Not as good a month as August but I thought I'd share any way. In August I had got adverts in the newsletter that were paying more but I had to take some lower offers this month.

On a more positive note, I arranged a meeting with a coding bootcamp in the UK to discuss running some sponsored content. I just walked into the building and asked to see someone from marketing and amazingly, they agreed to listen to my elevator pitch. We are having a meeting in mid October and so I'm hopefully of having a better month.

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    Hey Pete, Have you tried Makers in London? I used to work there, so could put you in touch if you haven't already..?

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      I haven't, no. That would be awesome mate! My email is [email protected]

Today's Top Milestones
  • Launched a brand new design
    I'm a developer and a terrible designer. Over the years, I'd cobbled together a decent looking design for my site. But it never looked truly professio
  • $500 in commissions from Swipe File
    I have added Appsumo to my swipe directory & I purposely added it to the 1st row. Yes, it's an affiliate link. I shared my swipe file on Twitter in on
  • Launched LunarSight on the App Store
    I started working on LunarSight on September 2020. Initially, I wanted to build the app as a cross-platform desktop one, but I decided against it and
  • Got the MVP out into the world.
    My Alpha customers started using my product out in the wild! It was a pretty cool experience seeing your software used around the world. After launch
  • 7 days, 2 great demos, 2 different user groups
    In the past week, I demoed DCDR to two groups, both of whom had been users of the original app. These were very different types of organization, which
  • First paying customer!
    3 days after launch we got our first paying customer! I read here before about how great that first "Payment of .. " email from stripe feels, but I wa
  • My Dad Subscribed!
    My dad is an 80-year-old indie hacker, entrepreneur, and retired software engineer. He wanted to know how his daughter's Scrappy MarTech newsletter pr
  • First $1,000
    Took me 2 months to reach this goal! Made my first $1000 from a Side Project sold on Gumroad ! It's time to improve the product, add new TailwindCSS c
  • Just launched a new website
    I created this website to validate if people are interested in UX research tool. I'm not a developer. My goal is to validate if there is a space to cr
  • That DARN Pod launch
    DARN stands for Digital Agency Referral Network. Vidpros provides both white label and affiliate partnerships to other agencies. This podcast is a way