1,040 subscribers to my job board in 9 days

So I released No CS OK, my job board for developers without degrees last Wednesday. I got a lot of email sign ups on the first day after getting top of Hacker News and staying on the top page for 2 days. I then launched on Product Hunt at the start of this week and finished in the top 10 with over 200 upvotes.

I had a nice simple email CTA in the header of my website so that definitely helped. I also added that the unsubscribe rate was less than 1%. I always update how well a newsletter is doing as that creates herd behavior. So if people see 500 people have signed up in three days then that demonstrates value. I also didn't go for the boring "subscribe" button but a "get a job" CTA which is obviously a lot more grabby.

I also promoted the newsletter in the separate newsletter for my other website No CS Degree where I interview people Wes Bos about how they learned to code.

Naturally I used Twitter a lot as well and I've pinned landing pages for my newsletter campaigns to the top of my profile.

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    great! thanks for sharing your learnings, "Get a job' CTA is a great idea

  2. 1

    Definately a strong idea.

    For example, people like me that lives in places where developer jobs are limited and needs a degree, this is pure gold.

    Case example:

    Myself, no cs degree and I live in the Åland Islands...

    5H boat to Helsinki on boat and 2- 3 H on car or 12 H boat.

    2H boat to sweden and 1,5H car

    30Minutes fly to both of them but really expensive.

    Conclusion the hob remotes showed on the site are pure gold..

    Good work pete, and have a good day !

  3. 1

    It seems like this is a really solid idea. Best of luck!

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    That's awesome! the idea is extremely solid and relevant, especially since most programmers now are self taught.

    Are the jobs you list gathered via scraping various job boards, and looking for jobs that do not mention an education as a requirement?

    Just curious :)

    Regardless, great stuff!

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