September 20, 2019

Made $198 from two sales

Pete Codes @petecodes

I was unsure about how to price my job listings. Some people were saying super low, like even $1 to get interest. I was thinking more $50. I spoke to a self-taught developer/CTO and he said that companies pay so much on hiring that $50 was still too low so he suggested $99. So that's what I settled on. I got two sales on my first day which was amazing! I added them to the site, highlighted them in yellow at the top of the job board and then tweeted links to their vacancies. If I had charged $1 I would have had to make 198 sales for the same amount so I think I made the right call. I didn't get sales on my second day so I am experimenting with reducing prices down to $75 for a limited period.

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