September 27, 2020

Reached 250 paid subscribers!

Arnaud Joubay @sowenjub

My recipe so far:

  • make the best possible app and try to adopt the latest iOS technologies
  • have a fair price with regards to what people expect to pay for a small utility app
  • launched on Product Hunt (with no community)
  • posted once on Reddit
  • add seasonal content (funny looking cows) that is limited to the paid subscription
  • be a bit more active online
  • 0 paid ads
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    Congrats Arnaud!
    Your app looks great, but I can't try it since I am on android :(

    1. 2

      Hey, sorry about that. I'm thinking about it though and have an open waitlist:

    2. 2

      I agree, we need an android version asap.

      1. 2

        😅 I don't know what asap will turn out to be, but I have a waitlist as I mentioned just above

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    Congrats from a no-meat eater!

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      Thank you! Much appreciated 🙏

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    this is a very good idea. Calm, Steezy, and Fitbod have done amazing with paid subscriptions for things people didn't think would become large consumer subscription businesses.

    i think you should look at Zero Fasting and their Apple Watch-like circle where you track your fasts and get data as you go.

    i think a mechanic that would work for your business is tracking "hours without meat" --- I'm sure folks would share their "meat fasts" on instagram/fb/etc.

    keep going!

    1. 1

      "hours without meat" is an interesting idea, I'll have to consider that thanks!

      I did download Zero Fasting some time ago I never used it even though I do follow "intermittent fasting".
      I just reinstalled it to give it another chance and see how they do it.

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    what are you using to collect payments?

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    Congrats! Got any tips on launching on product hunt? How much of it is just getting lucky?

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      I do believe a lot has to do with luck, but there are still things you can do to improve your chances.
      Maybe the two most important things I did:

      • ask @chrismessina to hunt me. He makes that really easy: just visit his website, where you'll also find tips.
      • be sincere and try to make people laugh (eg I made a fun video because I was very much into The Mandalorian at the time - still am and waiting for season 2!)
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        Wow, I didn't event realize you can apply to hunters to be hunted. Thanks for the tip, this is infinitely helpful! 🙏

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    Bravo Arnaud ! Quick question, when distributing your content, other than Reddit, have you used any other channel to drive awareness? Content de voir des français ici :)

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      Merci Victor, likewise :)

      I have NMT accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook but I don't spend nearly as much time as I "should" there. Just the occasional post.
      I tried Imgur once, I should probably keep posting there.
      I mentioned NMT once or twice on LinkedIn as well.

      Do you have any suggestions?

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        wow never thought of posting anything on Imgur, but why not. And no, totally asking out of curiosity, looking for quality channels to spread the love as well