December 31, 2019



Most companies store application logs in a central logs server, some use ELK stack, some use Datadog Logs, Loggly or many other SaaS services to manage logs for their infrastructure.

As a developer, these services may not be always available. You may often find yourself download a bunch of logs as text files to your PC and use your own text processing skill to analyze the log.

Things get out of control quickly if you have to deal with large log files, 1GB - 10GB of logs. It is also not easy to pull out some key info from the logs like searching for specific strings, check the frequency of a specific error type, or graph the log occurrences over time.

Unless you are a guru in Unix text processing tools like grep, awk, sed..., you will find it very difficult to perform the tasks above quickly.

I will build an app to deal with this. I'm not sure what is the name yet.

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