January 22, 2020

kinza is the new name

Nikita Kudryavtsev @wijuwiju

After 2 days of trying to come up with a name for our startup, for one that there would also be a reasonable price for domain, we finally did it.

kinza @ kinza.space

kinza is Russian word for "coriander leaves"

its tasty when you add it to salad and sounds cool and seems multilingual easily pronounceable, also domain only cost 2$ for TLD ".space"

I went through many iterations from simple play around with related words like local, market, nearby, garage, bazaar, etc. Then into some ancient Russian words, ancient market and trade towns and landmarks even from middle earth (Dale, Tir, Ladoga, etc.)

Asked fellow IHs for help, and got pretty cool suggestion like "Neighboroot" which I liked but since I'm Russian based I need to consider ease of typing for non-english speakers and it to be something vocal.

Anyhow thanks for guys who helped, after 2 days it is a pleasure finally to go back building, next milestone would be shipping simple landing and maybe attaching sort of sign up microservice for makers to get notified about beta.

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