October 15, 2019

After 19 failed MVP's, I'm settling in.

Andrew @wrannaman

If you guys have seen my last 10 or 20 posts, you'd know I've been experimenting with a lot of different ideas lately.

19 of them in fact. I've launched 19 landing pages / MVPs this year. and none of them looked promising, but it wasn't the ideas, it was me.

I think the common wisdom of the MVP is bad advice. The common wisdom says that you should build a crappy MVP and the pain you're solving should be so great that people will suffer through the initial rough edges around the product. Perhaps that was true for companies until roughly 2016.

Since then, the number of SAAS companies has exploded. Everybody has a startup, and the reality is they're easier than ever to build. Given there's so many options on Product Hunt, etc, I've come to the belief that if you build a crappy product, nobody will use it.

So where does that leave you then? How do you vet ideas before putting in a ton of time? The long version I'll save for another day, but the short version is you don't.

How do movie studios know the film they're making will make any money? They don't.

How many authors know their latest novel will be a best seller? They don't.

The reality is you make an educated guess and then you take a full swing. Not a half-assed swing, a full, back-turning swing, and if you miss, well, you took a swing, nobody can fault you for that.

So NoCo is my next full-swing, it's going to a no-code platform with a few twists. My only other real full swing this year has been SugarKubes, which overall I believe will work in time, but not in the way I originally imagined.

So here we go, I'm settling in.

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