November 7, 2019

Auto-generate a REST API from an existing MySQL DB

Andrew @andrewpierno

Today I'm opening up the initial version of our API generator, and more than anything I'd love some feedback!

The first step in our no-code platform was building a robust back end. I have an open-source project

that does something similar for MongoDB and thought I'd try a hosted version for MySQL since that was the biggest issue people had with the open-source version.

It takes an existing MySQL database and will auto-generate a rest API in node js

Essentially you can:

  1. put in your database credentials
  2. we generate a nodejs api for you based on the schema with CRUD endpoints for each table (and generate tests!)
  3. download it, and run it!

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    If you are looking for an alternative, checkout - it is free and open source as well.

    We generate REST/GraphQL APIs instantly over MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQLite

    Here is simple demo of how easy it is :

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