August 15, 2020

Someone bought a 1 year plan!

Sarwech @sarwech

Today, someone paid $100 for a 1 year plan for Nocodelytics! 😲

For Nocodelytics I only have a monthly plan and the first few paying customers have all signed onto that.

A few weeks ago I did an onboarding call with this customer going through specific problems they faced and how Nocodelytics can help. They were interested and said they'd let me know about signing up.

The customer came back to me today to proceed but asked for a 1 year plan with the ability to decide to renew when it ends. They preferred it that way because they didn't like having too many monthly subscriptions (good reason to be fair).

Well, I sent them an invoice through Stripe and they paid straightaway!

My goal is to make sure this customer is 100% satisfied and that Nocodelytics helps them bring in more $$$.

I've realised that providing value (which can be permanent) is actually more important than just chasing $ (which comes and goes).

Also, I had no idea how to set this up and really didn't want to add that functionality into my app yet.

The good thing is it turns out Stripe makes it really easy to do that through the dashboard. I just had to create a new 1 year product and send an invoice to the customer with that product. Perfect!

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      Thanks! Good luck with Siteoly :)

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    "I've realised that providing value (which can be permanent) is actually more important than just chasing $ (which comes and goes)."

    Very true - You need not chase $'s. If you provide value, eventually the $ would come all by itself.

    Congrats on the achievement and wish you many more 🎉

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      Thanks Harish :) You're totally right!

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    Congratulations Man, more power to you :)

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      Thanks Mukesh!

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    Congratulations! 🎉

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      Thanks Krasimir! Pacely looks great. Best of luck with it and look forward to following your progress :)

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    Keep it up!

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      Thanks Rion. Good luck with your course and newsletter!

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    Congrats man :)

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      Thanks 😄

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        Is it, or will be possible, to use not just in webflow? Because looks like you're capturing the Dom events. I don't know how webflow works hehe

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          Yep, it's mostly DOM events but there are Webflow specific reports (e.g. CMS). Eventually I'd like to open this up to any no-code site/app but focusing on Webflow for now because I understand the community better.

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            Got it :) o/

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              Thanks for signing up :)

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    Congrats, many more of those to come I'm sure! Product looks great

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      Thanks Mark. I’m excited for Isoflow and look forward to another catchup!

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      Thanks Nehal! Zukoni looks nice 👌

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    Great share! Thank you.

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      Thanks Mathias! Dogger is a nice idea. What a great logo :D

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