April 6, 2020

100,000 active users!

Jamie Carr @jamiec

Well, I certainly didn't expect this. User numbers doubling every day, Youtube tutorials being made and emails from teachers in Hong Kong, Switzerland and New Zealand. 100,000 active with over 500,000 installs. Nod get a visual upgrade. No more big buttons, time to make it look a bit more google-y!

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    Hi @jamiec. I really like your extension and am using it since I first saw it in IH. I also made an extension for Meet to use virtual backgrounds like in Zoom. I wonder how did you find so many users for Nod?

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Today's Top Milestones
  • 22 Days, Hitting 2000 subscribers
    We are at 2026 to be precise for Remotists.com . We still see a very big inflow from reddit when we post a link to the content and the newsletter is s
  • Added a landing page for my new lowcode app
    The app lets you run, save and schedule API requests without leaving Airtable. You can use values from the table in the requests, and output requests