February 16, 2020

Free "Remote-First Checklist" & Large Redesign

dqmonn @dqmonn

The first version of NoHQ was built really, really quickly. I'm quite happy to unveil the very first visual lift today. (well, it was deployed a few days ago, but I've been silent about it)

However, it's not just a visual lift, a bunch of things have changed:

  • First of all, the frontpage looks entirely different. I found an old screenshot (should've taken one before I deployed, but well) to see the before and after: https://imgur.com/a/V0vbc9a

  • I continuously got comments about lacking readability on posts. Enough with that, fonts are thick, black on white, no fancy stuff. Works great on mobile too!

  • I'm releasing the 'Remote-First Checklist' today, a sheet of 20 tips and habits that managers, founders and employees can follow to build a better team (https://nohq.co/#checklist)

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