August 31, 2019

Launched MVP

Krzysztof Kowalczyk @kjk

I just launched NoPub OnePage.

If you’re a user of Notion: OnePage allows you to publish a Notion page on the internet.

(If you’re not a user of Notion, you should try it out).

I’m looking for feedback, of any kind.

Is the landing page confusing? Can you see yourself using it? What are the most urgent features missing?

For background: I’m really taking “if you’re not embarrassed then you launched too late” to heart.

It works but is bare bones. I have a short-term list of improvements (themes, analytics, bug fixes) and a long list of longer-term features.

The overall idea is to make it the simplest way to publish words on the internet.

I’ve been using Notion for a while and I noticed it’s the most friction less way to write. Less friction has non-linear effect on how much I write.

I then build a custom toolchain so that I can write my blog / personal website in Notion and publish on the web.

NoPub is my attempt to make similar functionality available to other people. You write in Notion and publish to web with my app.

The use cases I see:

in personal context: writing an article, a collection of articles, a book, a personal blog
in context of a company: documentation for your software, company blog, knowledge base
This is not a website builder, though.

It’s for publishing writing of various kinds, not designing non-trivial websites.

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