Started working on Norde Source

When I first started working on Norde Source I had three reasons, in no particular order, to do it:

  1. I had been working on a website builder and hosting platform and realised I probably needed to scale down a bit since it was a large undertaking. Something smaller would probably be better to get the name out there.
  2. I had a keen interest in teaching myself Vue.js and I find the best way to learn something, for me, is to dive into the deep end with a project.
  3. I always had trouble discovering icon sets to buy and seeing how they would fit into my project. So I wanted a tool that would allow me to see the entire set, search, change colors, etc.. before buying and also managing the sets right there in the same app. Of course that's a bit thing so as a MVP it's just an icon manager that lets you import sets, change size, color and export.

At first I wasn't really serious about the project though. It was all just exploration and getting to know Vue.js a bit. But like it tends to happen with me I got drawn in and before I knew it I had a good foundation and couldn't back out!

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    Really cool, I have a very similar story with SVGX.

    I had been using Vue for the past 3 years but recently got hooked by Svelte. So I started playing around with SVGs while learning Svelte, but pretty soon felt the urge to build a tool that would make my SVG (mostly icons) workflow easier.

    So, you know, it turned into a sort of "accidental framework" thing 🤣

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      Haha nice, I wonder how many projects started out this way :D

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