November 8, 2019

First paying beta customer

A few days ago I put up a landing page to collect beta users ( and today decided to mail them and ask if they would be a paid beta customer and get a nice discount. So I would really know if the idea was worth building it fast! If customers would actually pay for it.

This resulted in my first customer, before launching 🥳

Info about Noti:

Noti is a simple app that sends notifications to your phone.

You can create all sorts of triggers to send to your phone. A couple of use-cases would be:

  • You have a sale 🤑
  • Schedule mindful breaks 😇
  • An error occurs on your website 🤖
  • Emails with label X come into your mailbox 🏷
  • Schedule when you drink your water 💦

You can organize your notifications with labels. These labels have settings like – Don't send me notifications at the weekend.

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