Write, schedule, and tweet beautifully on Notion

Hi everyone, today I create notiontweet.app on Indie Hackers as a way to document and share my journey, hopefully can connect with awesome folks here.

A bit of context:

I'm a software engineer, recently decided to build SaaS products to supercharge Notion users. The reasons are:

  • I use Notion a lot and it's like my second brain. There is a lot that can be created from a brain, right?
  • I have been working on content processing and content generation for a while and found myself love doing it.
  • I got a decent curious userbase, world-class cross-platform apps prebuilt (Web, Desktop, iOS, iPad, Android) by Notion.

Notion Tweet is the first product.

Problem: I write daily on Notion, notes and thoughts, a lot of them I want to bring on Twitter (as a thread) as a way to distribute my ideas. Porting contents from Notion to Twitter, especially long formatted notes, again and again, is overwhelming. I can't afford the time. I believe many Notion users share similar use cases.

Solution: You write on Notion just like you normally do. On pages you want to bring to Twitter, add a comment and tag [email protected], e.g. "@NotionTweet tweet this @Tomorrrow". Notion Tweet beautifully format tweets similar to how your page is formatted on Notion and bring them on schedule for you.

The above is a planned MVP. There're more features that can be built like automated retweets, automated tweets when you "drag a card to Done", etc. Gotta need some users first then get feedback from them on what to build next.

I'm recruiting early adopters and feedbacks is always highly appreciated! I update my journey daily on https://twitter.com/phuctm97, let's connect there if you're on Twitter!

(The landing page one-liner is outdated, it's not really about Tweet 10x faster)

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