January 10, 2020

We updated our e-book "PM Guide"

Vladimir Nesterenko @IndieHacker322plus1

And launched it on gumroad :)
It's rethinking of product management processes.
Now the book helps you to understand how to:

  • highlight key product features;
  • build USP around key features;
  • define audiences and bring more details to understand them and target your ads;
  • create customer journey maps around personas in audiences
    📈analyze measured data and improve your product
  • generate hypotheses and control them all the way to the execution

It was a group effort, and I'm greatful to every team member for their contribution.

Also, I'm full of respect to different communities for help with ideas, pains and some editorial work :)
And due to that, everyone can use a discount code "indiepmguide" during checkout to get the book for free.


Our whole team will be glad to get any kind of feedback :)