January 17, 2020

Nucode hit 1000+ users!

Joe Brown @cuhpajo

And we'll be launching Nucode v2.2 pretty soon with a ton more features.

The biggest contributing factor was social media marketing (Twitter, Instagram), as well as constantly engaging with other folks in the community.

I've likely taken 25+ (unpaid) calls to chat with other makers about how to build their dream products & startups without code in the last month, and I'm excited to continue that trend!

If anyone wants to learn how to build an app without any code, come join us! We'll be launching a brand new version of Nucode.co this month. 🎉

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    Congratulations! That's an awesome milestone. Have you written about how you've gone about social media marketing? Specifically instagram?

    Are you doing paid ads or purely organic?

    1. 3

      Thank you!

      I haven't written about it anywhere to be honest, but it all comes down to just interacting with the community. Anytime I have a free minute, just checking out what others are posting and/or posting helpful content ourselves always works out. All organic!

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    Bit late - but congrats!

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    Congrats guys. Hands down the best site out there to find resources and learn nocode.