December 21, 2019

Building our main product

Long Do @thinky

Since launching our first B2B online store, we have launched 4 more stores by April. That's one store per month! We have found our customers, made some profit, that's good, no?

Well, not really. We've found out that the stores we have created, were abandoned. Put simply, our customers didn't know how to use them and maintain them. And that's really sad, because a store is supposed to have updated products, nice pictures, and generate orders. None of that was happening.

We had to do a lot of manual work for each of the stores we created. Taking pictures, editing them, uploading them, and even processing their orders! That was not sustainable.

After a long internal discussion we have decided to not create any more independent stores. Instead, we will create a platform where we will merge all of our B2B stores together. This way, we can build our own brand, propagate the whole platform, and all members of that platform would benefit from the features the platform provides.

And that's how the idea of Nulisec Marketplace was born!

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