December 21, 2019

Developing our PWA app

Long Do @thinky

Since releasing our Marketplace 1.0, the product was at this time pretty much stable. So, we were thinking what next...

Well, in September when we started working on our Marketplace 1.0, we have made a few key decisions to save time. The first one was to minimize the use of any Javascript. And since none of our team members are UI/UX designers, we have bought a template from Envato to use for our marketplace.

The result is that now we have a usable product, but with an average user experience and no visual identity. It was time to do something about this.

So, we have hired an external Web Design company. They have made us a new logo, graphical manual, and designed a future look of our app.

For this new project, I have decided to use a different tech stack. I selected Nuxt.js framework, because we were already familiar with Vue.js, and instead of Bootstrap we used Tailwind CSS.

We started building a new frontend for our application, with PWA capabilities and our own Nulisec design. This is what would later become Nulisec Marketplace 2.0

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