August 9, 2019

300 Email Subscribers!

Farouq Aldori @FarouqAldori

The ads are getting healthier in terms of ROI (return on investment), but don't confuse that with being profitable.

So far, $1000 have been spent in total on ads since day 1 with a lifetime ROI of 0.45. However, during the last 3 days, it's been positive.

By pre-selling Octovert with Ads, not only does the idea get validated, but one very cool aspect is that if the ads break even, then we are essentially generating an email list for free!

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    Interesting product.

    Where did you place your ads?

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      Facebook Ads.

      1. 1

        IHs are having great success with FB ads need to try them out.

        1. 1

          Not limiting myself to FB ads, I'm also setting up Google Ads as well, will try every channel there is!

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