November 18, 2019

Oddshero got its first paying customer

Jan Runo @jan173

Just five days after launching our tool we have already gotten our first paying customer for the Oddshero Pro subscription model!

Since we have not really pushed the marketing channels too hard and just have roughly 50 signups over the last week, this is a really cool and unexpected development!

So far, I've only posted Oddshero here on indiehackers to share it with you and through my linkedIn network. We are still working on some onboarding tasks to make the usage of the tool easier for the user.

Also, very surprisingly we're already ranking on google with our content, which we did not expect to happen after such a short period of time. Already, we've gotten over 100 clicks leading to our website through google search results :)

If you haven't heard of Oddshero yet, check it out: