March 26, 2020

Launch of OFFEO 2.0

Caleb @calebh

The OFFEO platform operated at an average speed. Something average isn’t good enough for us. We wanted it to perform much faster.

In layman terms, we started building OFFEO not exactly knowing we would end up here. We kept piling on new features, and that compounded the sluggishness of the platform. So six months ago, one of our developers convinced us to rebuild everything from the ground up to be future-proof.

Fast forward today, the platform now runs around 2.5x-3x faster than before. So in a nutshell, it is a pretty significant milestone for us. We are now equipped to build, fix and integrate things faster than before.

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    Saw your post on Slack...

    Awesome to hear that the platform is evolving!

    Was that a hard switch going from the old to the new architecture?

    I'm not a developer but it must be a big challenge.

    Congrats on the milestone :D

    1. 1


      Really hard switch.. We had to make the decision to sink 6 months to develop it. That halts all other developments- so you can say it took out 1 year of progress. Even after it launched, there were heaps of bugs that we previously tackled that re-surfaced. It was a pretty dark period haha shivers

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