September 13, 2019

Nothing to solve is problem

Shun Yamada @shyamady

I've been dedicated to my own startups for several years. But almost failed, shut down tons of products until today. Generally, startups should solve the problem, however, nothing to solve is a very problem for me.

So I've determined to ship 20 products in 20 weeks since today. The future for me is drawn to by 2 things. Remote work and Maker community. We don't have to settle where we do anything. In addition, human beings would be more creative. So I believe 2 markets would become bigger and bigger for sure.

Actually, I'm living in the future. I'm working remotely and shipping oftentimes.

I was wondering what I should dedicate to do next several months for finding the problem what I want to do for a decade or a long time.

I have 2 ideas. One is a nomadic lifestyle. Travel across the world, work remotely and stay locals. Or focus on shipping. I have chosen shipping it is because I love making better than traveling.


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