Launched MVP, looking for test users and feedback.

One thing I've always struggled with is maintaining motivation towards any one goal. My attention span is too short.

I believe slow but steady momentum is important. For a start, it prevents me from being a perfectionist and delaying things. It feels good just to say "it's not perfect, but it'll do for now".

So I made this simple no-code app using GlideApp to encourage me to log an action each day, no matter how small. For each day I log an action I get a streak. When I miss a day I lose the streak. And if I miss too many days I drop off the leaderboard completely.

If anyone wants to join me, it's free (no business model yet) and I would be grateful for ideas and feedback.

Sign up at onedoneaday.com

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    Congrats on launching your MVP! It's amazing what you can do without code these days. It felt a little weird to signup via a Google form. Does Glide not have a way to enable people to signup right in the app?

    1. 1

      Thanks! And thanks for the feedback.

      There is a way to submit data within the app but it doesn't give any room for explainer text. Also I have the app set to allow whitelisted emails only so I need to collect those outside of the app first.

      Ideally the signup would be on the Carrd site but I haven't figured out how to send that data to the Google sheet yet. I'll look into it as it would be a smoother experience.

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