April 9, 2020

7 Day Backfill

Kameron Tanseli @kamerontanseli

In order to get on top of making sure a new page goes out every morning I've created a backlog of scheduled newsletters. Thank god for Revue 😦

Also, I've listed on product hunt for release tomorrow morning 🤔so hopefully, that brings in a few subscribers :)

  1. 1

    Hi Kameron,
    I love the idea of your venture!
    Can I ask why you chose Revue and not, say, Substack?

    1. 1

      Hi Jonathan,

      I chose Revue because it was recommended to me. In the future, I'll use a more sophisticated Mailing solution as to not waste old issues I sent out for new subscribers.

      1. 2

        Thanks for the answer,
        I'm seeing quite a lot of debates here regarding this.

Today's Top Milestones
  • More than 100 charts created in Chartbrew 💯
    So excited to have reached this milestone! You can see the live stats here. Chartbrew is still in Beta and I'm grateful to have people using it at thi
  • 50 Beta members and beta launch this week!
    It's been a long road (kind of, I have taken much longer to get to beta before), but it is time to start letting the very first early adopters into In
  • A tough internal debate with myself
    I had been thinking about writing out my 18-month startup story for weeks now, I wasn't sure whether I should do it. It was mainly because I wasn't su
  • New search feature: Trendsnet
    The #1 problem in trend spotting right now is that there are thousands of trends and more every day, but people don't know how to use the software ava
  • Over 500 tweets bookmarked
    Markfolder was released as an early access version just over a month ago. Its goal is to help Twitter users organise tweets they want to save/bookmark
  • 1,300 Members and 19 Free Templates
    Better Sheets surpassed 1,300 sales this week. 1,346 lovely folks have joined and have access to a hundred google sheet tutorials. That's over $25k in
  • Reached 100 subscriptions
    Happy to announced, today Feedlify reached to 100 subscriptions, within a month. It's always good to see when people accept your solution, it's an ult
  • Randomize profiles to give equal visibility
    Huge thanks to @andyngo for helping with this! Purpose of doing this is to give equal visibility to all profiles, so everyone gets a chance to be on t
  • Donated 50 trees in the Amazon Rainforest 🌳
    I've reached the milestone of donating 50 trees from my Gumroad earnings of my E-book Start With A Side-Project, each tree was gifted to a buyer, so t
  • Unexpected turn
    So this took an unexpected turn. After bringing MVP up to 80% of a working prototype, my reading endeavors forced me on a halt. I stumbled upon Steve