April 9, 2020

7 Day Backfill

Kameron Tanseli @kamerontanseli

In order to get on top of making sure a new page goes out every morning I've created a backlog of scheduled newsletters. Thank god for Revue 😦

Also, I've listed on product hunt for release tomorrow morning 🤔so hopefully, that brings in a few subscribers :)

  1. 1

    Hi Kameron,
    I love the idea of your venture!
    Can I ask why you chose Revue and not, say, Substack?

    1. 1

      Hi Jonathan,

      I chose Revue because it was recommended to me. In the future, I'll use a more sophisticated Mailing solution as to not waste old issues I sent out for new subscribers.

      1. 2

        Thanks for the answer,
        I'm seeing quite a lot of debates here regarding this.