January 12, 2020

New Website

Colyn Brown @colbro

As we get closer to launch, I've redesigned the website to include many changes to get ready for how we ultimately will be positioning OneHourUp. I wouldn't say this is a pivot but in some subtle ways it actually is. In the back of my mind, I was never comfortable with the marketplace metaphor which splits the user experience into two separate camps: you're either a buyer or seller, in our case, a developer and an expert. For many reasons, this never sat well with me. First, it creates a disjointed user experience as we have to figure out a way to design and market the site to two different targets. I haven't seen this done well on any other site and you get the sense that they also have this pain.

Instead, everyone is a OneHourUp community member - all helping each other and getting paid in the process.

Come join us!


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