April 10, 2020

First interview with an Open Startup


Rich from Failory shared some incredible insights in his interview.

From the interview:

I created an /open page, placed some Google Datastudio graphs and started writing monthly reports ... It helps me to keep accountable and see how Failory has been doing it lately...

Content sites for entrepreneurs talk too much about success and about entrepreneurs who have raised millions of dollars and grown their company to teams of hundreds. But that's not what happens most of the time. 90% of startups fail, so I decided to get to know about these and learn from their mistakes...

To learn more about this incredible Open Startup, read the full story here.

Thank you @richclominson for insightful interview :)

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    @nscode Thanks so much for the interview. I'm a big fan of Failory and it was nice of Rich to share his insights about his business.

    A small suggestion, from the blog page https://www.blog.openstartuplist.com/ , it would be nice to navigate to the homepage. It's likely that as you do more interviews, it will become a traffic generator for the website and readers who land on your blog page might want to know more about the website. You could link the logo on the blog page back to your homepage.

    Look forward to reading more interviews.

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      Thanks, I'm glad you liked it :) Failory is an awesome source of knowledge which I find myself coming back to it more and more!

      Thanks for the feedback, you're right :)

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    thanks for this opportunity @nscode!