October 8, 2019

OpenPace โ†’ Open Source

Evan Dancer @edance

Today I received my first pull request on my app OpenPace ๐Ÿ”€. I have been working on this quietly and now others are starting to notice.

I decided to open source my website for a few reasons.

  1. I really wanted to build a community. Open source projects are really cool and I have always wanted to be part of one. I never really knew how to get started. I decided that I could just start my own.

  2. A lot of runners are also software developers. I see my data on strava and other websites but I never feel like I can control what I want to see. I really want to play around with my data and see how my fitness is improving. I want others to feel the same way and have the same power.

  3. Ideas can come from anywhere. Putting all the ideas, fixes, enhancements in public forum gives me a faster feedback loop. Ideas for OpenPace can come from anywhere and all ideas are welcome.

Don't be shy and put up a PR!

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