Improved the Positioning

While talking to @alexhughsam last week I realized that we desperately need to work on how we position http://Opportunities.so

I’m convinced that we have a unique and strong value proposition, but we're just not doing a good job at articulating it.

I came up with the slogan "Ideas are cheap, Opportunities are invaluable" in the middle of the night without any deeper thought.

Needless to say it's not very convincing.

It took me more than 10 minutes to explain to Alex what we're offering.

A slogan like this is something that Nike or Mastercard might be able to pull off.

But we're not building a brand. We're running a direct response business and our copy should reflect that.

It's not just the headline. Just look at the screenshot above.

Who are we targeting and how we can help them? It's all very vague.

Also the analogy I came up with on launch day "our approach is more like abstract paintings" is, uhm, opaque.

So to improve our positioning, I decided to use April Dunford's canvas.

April Dunford's canvas

(Screenshot from her book Obviously Awesome.)

Product name: http://Opportunities.so

One-line description: Business opportunities and market research for entrepreneurs.

Market category: research-as-a-service for entrepreneurs

Competitive alternatives: http://trends.co, http://brainstorms.io, /r/business_ideas, http://kern.al, http://nugget.one, validated ideas

Unique attributes: access to datasets, bundle of a wide range of topics and formats, focus on $1k-10k/mo opportunities


We enable customers to:

• discover ecosystems and business models they never thought of before,
• and give them what they need to carry out the research that's necessary to find realistic opportunities that are actually a good fit for them (product-founder-fit).

Who cares a lot:

• people like me,
• indie hackers,
• everyone pursuing a "small bets" strategy,
• solopreneurs,
• software developers,
• technical entrepreneurs,
• makers and creators.

(We're not selling billion dollar dreams.)

That exercise was quite productive! First thing I changed was the headline on http://Opportunities.so

Probably I'll let these ideas marinate in my head for a few more days and then start rewriting our copy.

If you have any suggestions, let me know!

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