October 22, 2019

OptiTax is available to the public

Viktor Ferenczi @FViktor

OptiTax is available publicly starting today!

If you own a Swedish AB (aktiebolag) please try the MVP: https://opti.tax

It is free for 8 days if you sign up in October 2019. After that it will require a subscription at a price way below the potentially achievable tax savings.

It was an exciting new experience to click the button and finally deploy it to production. It includes the fruits of all the verification work by my accountant, and many rounds of fixes and improvements from my part to improve the user experience.

Two of my former colleagues who are consultants these days tried OptiTax as well while it was in closed beta. I'm grateful for all the feedback received from them, it made the final product even better.

Big part of the job was to translate the whole application to Swedish, since I originally developed it in English. I'm saying thank you to Anna for verifying all the translations and helping me to get them right.

I am still trying to keep it to the bare minimum (MVP, remember?) which unfortunately shows on the bit outdated Web design. I will address it later if the market receives the core product well enough.

It is time to concentrate on the marketing efforts. The primary audience are small business owners (AB, aktiebolag) and accountants in Sweden. A niche and relatively small market.

OptiTax as a product has measurable customer value, so the quantum of utility is there. I'm confident it can be sold to the target audience, it is "just" a matter of how to reach them economically.

Marketing is the next challenge for me, since I have literally zero experience in it. It is part of the learning experience I wanted so badly. I'm really excited to talk to real customers and see what results they can achieve with the product!

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