October 24, 2020

A polished product

Cody Mikol @koaty

At this point we had something we felt was refined enough to start showing off. The app itself felt great to use and we decided this was the MVP we needed to start pitching. This was a big challenge for us as we are mainly designers / engineers. Our initial pitches were to local businesses we were familiar with. The most memorable of these for me was a pitch to a local chinese restaurant (Let me take a moment to Rep ShangWei Szechuan, if you are ever in Bethlehem Pennsylvania, the food there is phenomenal 😋) I and our designer YingYing Zhang ( Check her out at yingyingzhang.com) went for lunch and she took me by surprise by launching straight into a pitch for the app landing us a meeting with the owner that went wonderfully.

Today's Top Milestones
  • MVP release 🚀
    Hey IH, after 2 months of side work i finally released https://formulog.com Formulog is a page builder specifically targeted to newsletter creators. I
  • Public Beta
    +Moved from airtable to metabase. +added tracking for Central Bank Digital Currencies, Hacks, and Crypto in Corporate treasuries. +Will be adding gran
  • Reddit Clubhouse Invite, Don't Buy Clubhouse Scams
    It's been about 3 weeks since I started the Clubhouse Invites train and we have helped 300+ new Clubhouse members join without getting scammed on Redd
  • The first user signed up
    Today the first user signed up! This is a major step in the right direction as this will help to generate feedback for the underlying technical platfo
  • ¡Reached 5.000€ in revenue!
    Just on the courses section I've managed to bill over 5.000€. This is mainly due to the sellings of the Webflow and Bravo courses that are doing great
  • Live on AppSumo
    Blurweb App is live on appsumo https://appsumo.com/marketplace-blurweb-app its like a dream i was required to update the extension because of how i pr
  • Launched Build in Public Agenda
    Re-focused 90% of my efforts on marketing. Started with updating or creating profiles on Linked In, Twitter and Indie Hackers. Created build in public