September 25, 2019

£84 never felt so good: closed my first contract

Elliot Seror @tollie93

Yesterday, precisely 4 weeks after launching Outcode to address the trust crisis in freelancing, I closed my first contract.

This small validation feels really good as I was entering the Trough of Sorrow ( this week, after the excitement from a somewhat successful Product Hunt launch had worn off.

This means the growth game starts now ! I guess the goal is to try and grow that number by around 7%/week as of now.

A few things learning from my past 4 weeks:

  • Minimal tech will do. After originally launching with a rather complex web app with whole platform side of things, I redid the site from scratch last week, making it a very simple landing page. Turns out it converts better.

  • Intensely try out niches for a week at a time. Because it’s actually difficult to tell the difference between promising niches that take a bit of time to show some traction and niches that are not for you and on which you’re losing your time, the trick is to focus deeply on a single niche for 5-7 working days.

  • Pick your favourite 2-3 marketing channels and stick to them. There’s no way you can do SEO, fb ads, google Adwords, cold emails and calls, social media presence, etc. and not go crazy, so just pick 2-3 of those. Fb ads and cold emails and calls personally suit me.

Thanks a lot for reading, hope to see you on !

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