August 27, 2019

🚀 Launching Outcode today 🚀

Elliot Seror @tollie93

After 2 month full-time on this, I’m excited to be launching today with this post. 2 months may seem like a little while, and it’s true I’ve spent a bit of time:

  • iterating on the value proposition by talking to people ( a good thing !)
  • coding the MVP ( a not-so-good thing : I now think I should’ve launched with a more basic website than what I ended up to it/ Even though I (barely) have the skills to code first version of the platform myself, it’s more than often not worth it to spend 2 month coding something solely based on intuition and without some kind of validation… )

So what’s it about ?

If you’ve ever hired freelancers for software projects, you probably have had a reliability issue: whether it’s the availability of the right person, their coding or communications skills, ability to respect deadlines or budget, honesty, etc. Outcode enables you to reliablyresort to freelancers for your project by acting as a trusted middleman.

You only talk to us (ie designers and project managers) and we take care of finding the best fit for the job and of managing the project for you, while keeping an eye on budget, deadline and code quality. Then we simply come back to you with the deliverable done. :) We charge less than traditional freelancing platforms (and they just enable you to hire a freelancer through them. )

What do you guys think of the value proposition ?
If you have an idea you want to have built, I’m here for you and will make sure to see it through to completion myself. You can benefit from 50% off on the fees with the code IHLAUNCH for you first task, no matter how big.

Thanks for checking it out, I hope to see you on !

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