Redid the whole thing from scratch

It started with a very classic mistake: I got the idea for Outcode, and started coding right away the features that I imagined would be core to the product.

So I spent two months (and some money so that a freelancer could help me out) building a platform :

  • where clients could log in and submit tasks, which would then be dispatched to freelancers
  • Freelancers would do the task and then upload the deliverable to the platform
  • The clients could 'accept' or 'reject with comments' the deliverable, and would have to pay to get the source code
  • Etc, etc.

But then I launched, and something terrible, (yet to be expected) happened: nobody even completed the ‘Create a task’ journey. Out of 4000 website visitors, not one legit person completed the steps. I had built out this whole platform side of things for nothing.

At this point the code had become ridiculously complex considering that people never left the front page, and it showed: some pages took a while to load, and the css was inconsistent across the site.

So I woke up last Friday determined to re-do the whole thing from scratch. I inspired myself from the notion.so design, and made the homepage way smaller: people now have little other choice than leaving their email or leaving.

After deploying new version of outcode.io, I bought a couple of Fb ads to confirm my hunch: the new design now converts at leat 3 times better, and actual people now complete the new journey.

So my advice is:

  • Keep it super simple and minimalistic: if you show less to the user before they perform some kind of conversion event, the more you can experiment on that little information you’re showing to increase conversion. If you have a huge website to begin with, it’s harder to know which sections ppl like and which sections they don’t. Minimalism is also a great way for the user to have to focus on the CTA.
  • Don’t try to re-invent the wheel at this stage. Take a good template or copy the design of some website you admire.

Do you guys like the new website?

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